Amusing Race

Everyone has at some point of time done an amazing race whether its small or large scale. Fun Activities promises to be different.

Lets put your imagination to the test. Try flipping 360 degrees whilst lying down in a hammock, or better yet down a shot glass contained with chili sauce. Every station is customizable. Every experience is unique.

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A cross between Charades and Bingo, you got to guess correctly to get your chance at crossing out your numbers.

Everyone on the team plays a part whether your contribution is brain or brawn. Only one goal in mind: B-I-N-G-O!

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Cook-Off Challenge

Truly bringing families together and gets the children involve in cooking. We start with a professional chef sharing his recipe and then families will have to either replicate or create a new recipe on their own.

All these within a time limit and only the best dish will win the heart of the judges.

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Puzzle Mania

You only get a few pieces of your puzzle and the rest of your pieces are scattered around with all other teams. It is a race against time to find the rest of your pieces and finish your puzzle!

Disclaimer: Stealing and hiding of other teams’ puzzle piece is NOT considered a crime. Do what it takes to be on top!

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The key ingredient to our telematch is pure engagement and fun while participants work towards a common goal overcoming obstacles or challenges from the activities.

Each telematch can be customized to different levels of pressure and difficulty to produce specific outcomes desired from the participants. Share with us your ideas and we will add a dash of fun and a lot more.

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Jester Walk

The ultimate test of trust and team building. Each member has to pull their own weight to ensure their teammates can successfully navigate the circle without falling.

Trust us, it is even harder to hold the rope tight when you are laughing and giggling at all your friends.

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Sim City

Trade in your ‘cash’ for materials to build your own city with the guidelines and rules that we give! Be sure to buy your materials wisely and work as a team to complete your objective.

After all that is done, name your city something to be proud of and show the world!

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Bob The Builder

Creating a car or plane should not be difficult right? You betcha! With effective team management and communication, creating and crafting your car or plane should not be any problem.

Teams have to, with provision of materials, create your own engineering marvel. Test your team creativity and teamwork skills with our Bob the Builder team challenge.

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No Strings Attached

Using just strings, perfect teamwork and effective communication, each team is to create a way to get balls into a pail without touching it.

Easier said than done, it's time to prove how well your team can work together!

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Giant Colour Cards

We bring you the nostalgia of playing cards to the team building experience! The cards are as big as an average adult’s torso. Instead of 4 players, now even 40 or 50 can play at the same time.

Teams have to play against each other and ensure they can clear their cards the fastest. Teams have to undertake measures so that other teams cannot peep at their cards.

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Shape Shifter

Team must hold onto a rope and make out desired shapes within the shortest time. The idea of this activity is to bring out the leadership and follower ethos.

Activities that look deceptively easy but in actual fact, they require a lot of coordination and guidance.

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Ice Breaker

Ice breaker are conventionally a segment where simple games are played to get to know your team mates to 'break the ice'.

Now, we're doing it with a twist. Serves the same objective, but we're taking it literally.

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