Have your event looking good with our Slushie Baguuss. Complement your food spread with a dose of fun and a splash of colours. Nothing says COOL like our refreshing Slushie Baguuss.

Double Barrel
1) Approx. 120 cups at 200ml
2) Option to choose 2 different flavours

Triple Barrel
1) Approx. 180 cups at 200ml
2) Option to choose 3 different flavours
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    Double Barrel
    Triple Barrel
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    Mango Tango
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    Lychee Mania
    Tropical Punch
    Black Current
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How long does it take for the slushie machine to freeze?
In most cases, our slushie machine will take 2 hours to freeze. However, the time may vary depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to freeze.

Can I add alcohol into the machine?
We do not allow alcohol to be added into the machines as we want a Muslim-friendly usage so everybody can enjoy our slushie. If you want to add alcohol, please ensure that you add them to individual cups.

Who sets up the slushie machine?
US! Slushie Baguuss will set the machines up and adjust the settings to ensure the machine operates effectively.

Do we need to provide anything for you?
Yes, we need one standard power point and a sturdy table or bench top for the machine to sit on that can hold our heavy machines. Plastic trestle tables and glass tables cannot be used.

Who adds the slush or slushie mix to the machine?
Upon delivery, we will add your chosen slushie mix flavours to your slushie machine.

Do we need to add ice to the slushie machine?
No, the slush machine will form its own ice, adding ice will break the machine.

How many drinks will you get out of the slushie machine?
You will get approximately 120 cups for the twin barrel and 180 cups for the triple barrel. You will also get 60 drinks out of any refill batch. (Quantities are based on 200ml serving)

If the liquid runs out during the night, can we add our own cordial or soft drink to the slushie machine?
No, you cannot add your own slush or cocktail mix to the machine. This is because the slush machine requires a specially formulated mix so that it freezes at the right consistency. If you add your own mix it may not freeze at all, or it might freeze too much and break the gear box in the slushie machine, and you would then be liable for the repairs. If you are concerned that you may run out of slushie mix during the night, you can order extra refills for your slush machine.

Who cleans the slushie machine, is it cleaned on site and how often is it cleaned?
Please do not feel obliged to clean the slushie machine, we will clean it for you. Upon pick up, the machine will be taken back to the warehouse where it will be sanitized and thoroughly cleaned. All machines are checked and sanitized before and after each event.

When is the slushie machine delivered and picked up?
The machine is to be picked up the same day as your event.

What if I have a problem with the slush machine?
We regularly service our slush machines so you won't have any problems on the day of your function or event. In the rare case that you do encounter any problems with your slush machine on the day of your event, be sure to call us straight away and if its not a simple fix we will gladly come out and replace your slush machine with another.