Battle Arena

High speed high adrenaline battle with foam bullets. The Newest action game in Asia is here. No Bruises & No paint marks. Your Souvenirs are bruised egos or bragging rights. Which side will you be on?

You have your own blasters? No problem. Bring it down and have it checked out* before you enter the arena. We want you to showcase your blasters of course! But safety remains our top priority.

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Combat Archery

Archers at Base! Set & Ready…. Game ON! With the onset of these commands, adrenaline courses thru the veins in a rapid barrage of action.

The improbable marriage between archery, paintball & Dodgeball has given birth to a new sport and it’s taking the local scene by storm.

Now it’s your turn to shoot up lightning quick arrows at your opponents. Up the ante by catching arrows flying at you!

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Giant Cards

Fun Activities SG brings you the Nostalgia of playing cards to the teambuilding experience!

The Card is as big as an average adult’s torso. Instead of 4 players, now even 40 or even 50 can play at the same time. Teams have to play against each other and ensure they can clear their cards the fastest.

Teams have to undertake measures so that other teams cannot peep at their cards or managing the size of the cards whilst trying to outwit their opponents form the crux of the teamwork and fun that participants will have.

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Human Foosball

Remember those wrist twisting, table tilting moments you shared with you friends with foosball in the games room; Try our life-sized version of Foosball.

Coming in two sizes, choose to have 10 people have a go at it or alternatively you can have 20 people in this arena trying to put the ball in the back of the net.

Now the fun can include more people. As they say, the more the merrier.

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Quidditch has elements of Rugby, Dodgeball and Football all mashed into one. Time to tune in to your inner Harry Potter. A team is made up of at least seven players who play with “brooms” between their legs at all times.

Once familiar with the basic rules, Quidditch is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting to play with your friends and families!

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Speed Tag

Shoot or Be Shot! Get together with your friends family and even colleagues & Shoot your way to victory.

Suitable for all ages; SpeedTAG brings to you an immense amount of energy, laughter & fun and a really good time snowballed at you.

Teams will try to capture the opponent’s flag whilst defending their own.

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Water Soccer

Kicking a ball while it is floating on water is a whole different bundle of fun. The world’s favourite sport just got very WET!

Bicycle kicks are common occurrence in this game & its usually accompanied by a big splash upon landing.

Have a splashing good time with friends and family and work mates in this extremely wet entertainment.

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Team Building

Creating a car or plane shouldn’t be difficult right? You betcha!

With effective team management and effective communication, creating and crafting your car or plane shouldn’t be any problem.

Teams have to, with provision of the manual, create your own car or plane. Test your team creativity and teamwork skills with our Bob the Builder team Challenge

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