fun activities team building games


Creating a car or plane shouldn’t be difficult right? You betcha!

With effective team management and effective communication, creating and crafting your car or plane shouldn’t be any problem.

Teams have to, with provision of the manual, create your own car or plane. Test your team creativity and teamwork skills with our Bob the Builder team Challenge


A Millennial doesn’t get to experience much of these and getting access to the traditional games is not straightforward and usually there is no opportunity for such gathering solely focused on the games from that era.

Everyone more or less starts on a level playing field. From Gunny Sacks races, to dancing between poles, & even Balloon Stomping – the list is endless. Call us for endless entertainment.

fun activities team building games
fun activities team building games


Who doesn’t love animals seriously? What if we tell you, we can embark you a teambuilding experience that not only lets you have fun but also allows you to learn about the animal kingdom.

No, you don’t have to go the Zoo or the Bird Park; that option isn’t completely off the cards. With Fun Activities, your colleagues will not only have a ball of time but they get to learn about the animal kingdom in more ways than one.



Get to interact with your colleagues and go through a series of activities to collect as many poke-balls to win the entire Pokemon Challenge.

That’s right! We create a whole new dimension of teambuilding with the Pokemon themed-activities to inspire another angle of fun for your group or company.

fun activities team building games
fun activities team building games


A series of ‘building’ activities designed from the smallest (palm size) to the larger than human size to test the entire spectrum of communication & collaboration within a team.

Of course with Fun Activities, participants will enjoy and experience the FUN while building many different projects.

Can an egg drop from a 2-story height without breaking? How about building a theme park?

Come and explore the different ‘building’ experience with us while your team learns the art of communication and teamwork in whole different manner.


Everyone has at some point of time done an amazing race whether its small or large scale. Fun Activities promises to be different. Every Detour, Challenge & Roadblock results in laughter & mayhem.

The magic of this experience is in the moment shared by teammates.
Let puts your imagination to the test; Try flipping 360 degrees whilst lying down in a hammock, or better yet down a shot glass contained with chili sauce.

Every station is customizable. Every Experience is unique. Why deny yourself this experience.

fun activities team building games
fun activities team building games


A series of challenges designed to test the different aspect of the teams, physical and mentally inducing tasks await.

The key ingredient to our telematch is pure engagement and fun while participants work towards a common goal overcoming obstacles/ challenges from the activities at each station.

Each telematch can be customized to different levels of pressure and difficulty to produce specific outcomes desired from the participants.

Share with us your ideas; we add a dash of fun and a lot more. If you don’t have any ideas; Fret not, Fun Activities is here for you.