Combat Archery


Archers at Base! Set & Ready…. Game ON! With the onset of these commands, adrenaline courses thru the veins in a rapid barrage of action.

The improbable marriage between archery, paintball & Dodgeball has given birth to a new sport and it’s taking the local scene by storm.

Now it’s your turn to shoot up lightning quick arrows at your opponents. Up the ante by catching arrows flying at you!

Your opponents will now have a legitimate reason to fear you.


FUN is the motto of the company. That’s like an expressway to everything. When you have fun, people chat and talk among themselves.

Naturally, your team is bonded. But we don’t stop there. Just like you, we try to get more than just FUN and team bonding.

We want that feel good feeling even months after the program. In order to do that; we jolly well have to make sure we do a damn good job when we’re on the ground serving you. No company will tell you they are doing a bad job but we are a company that tells you how well we get the job done. We can go on bragging but a quick one would be we have many repeat/returning customers.

So why are we doing this? We have realized that a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and cutting corners to supposedly deliver COMBAT ARCHERY.

Since everybody claims they have COMBAT ARCHERY. We have decided to challenge everybody to follow suit and do this exposure if they CAN!

OOPS! OK! Our secret is exposed! But surely not all companies will reveal to you these part.


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