High speed high adrenaline battle with foam bullets. The Newest action game in Asia is here. No Bruises & No paint marks. Your Souvenirs are bruised egos or bragging rights. Which side will you be on?

You have your own blasters? No problem. Bring it down and have it checked out* before you enter the arena. We want you to showcase your blasters of course! But safety remains our top priority.

It is not just ANY shooting arena, players and organizers can choose 3 variations of game play to suit the playing needs of the group’s objective.

Battle Arena is a team building game of shooting high speed painless foam bullets with your friends. 

Check out the video and the equipment used in Battle Arena.






team building game battle arena

F.A.Q Battle Arena

Can my kids join in and is there an age limit?

On 1 condition - if you are prepared to be one of the hippest moms/dads in SG! Kids ages 10 and above on the event date will be eligible.

Can we bring our own Foam Dart Toy Gun?

ABSOLUTELY! But do take note that our Field Marshall will give a quick check on your guns whether it is battle-friendly for everyone. If it is not, your toy gun is not allowed in the field!

What to wear?

Sports wear with covered shoes is recommended. Sandal is still alright but…even John Wick dressed up with he is on his mission!!

What if I don’t have a team?

Don’t PANIC! That is the sole reason why we are opening this up to you!! Just book a slot and we will have more people like you in that slot and we will team you guys up! Then again, if you are a born assassin/warrior/lone ranger, do you really need a team? Right?!?!

What if I have a group of 30 pax and we want to book a slot and we do not want anybody else to join us?

We have a good news and better news. The good news is your booking has to be made with a phone call - only then your booking is successful. The better news is YOU CAN and you will even get free Battle Arena Shirts and 10% off from $49.90/pax!!

How many bullets do I have?

You are going to start with 40 and then—its hell break loose!! SHOOT YOUR HEARTS OUT! The refill station is located near the starting point. So Refill as much as you want! UNLIMITED SHOOTING! WOOHOO! The better news is YOU CAN and you will even get free Battle Arena Shirts and 10% off from $49.90/pax!!