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The Fun Never Ends

FUN ACTIVITIES was founded in 2016. An in-house library of niche team building solutions and the ability to customize team building experiences. Fun Activities has amassed plenty of unique solutions that cater to all demographics. At Fun Activities, everyone is empowered to experiment and rehash experiences.

Fun Activities is an offshoot of DoXtreme Sports, much lighter on the intensity but heavier on the laughter and experience. Backed by a team of 2 program managers with a collective experience of 16 years, Fun Activities has assisted many corporate organizations pave a trail blazing experience through the medium of FUN! The options are never exhausted as Fun Activities continually seeks to expand its product offerings with each passing year. This has allowed the team to remain relevant whilst maintaining the most fundamentals of FUN. Fun Activities recognizes the desire for very specific and targeted experiences. Thus, it has continually work hand in hand with clients to create a plethora of unique experiences.



The Central core to fun are our Crews. We spend a huge amount of resources to develop our Trainers to spread the fun energy to our clients and participants.

Fun is key to our programs and we emphasise a lot of engagement whenever there is a need to delivery any learning objectives.

For corporate or school programs where the managers/directors need help to encourage a certain learning value- we based back to core EPIC module.

fun activities team building
fun activities team building
fun activities team building games
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What is E.P.I.C. Module?


The activity is designed to draw the participants in. This is achieved again with the strong emphasis on fun invoked into the activity. Naturally the participants will visualize themselves going through the motion of the activity before its eventual commencement.


Participants are always given the option to choose their level of involvement for the said activity. The intangible aspects of participation are also taken into play, observing the willingness of the participants alongside their general attitude individually and as a team member.


Fun Activites emphasizes on the importance of this segment due to the learning benefits that participants can draw from this session. Upon a certain level of completion depending on the activity; participants will be made to review their strategy, approach and team dynamics whilst approaching the said activity. This INTERACTION will serve as a medium to thrash out issues as well as compliment positive aspects of the approached undertaken.


Participants will than be either challenged to re attempt the same activity or carry on the lessons learnt from the previous activity into the next one depending on whether time permits. We will CHALLENGE the participants to take the onus of bringing about a change or improve upon their dynamics.

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